Affiliate Disclosure

Hi. Tanya Logan here on behalf of Bible Study Planet. We believe in total transparency, so I want to disclose to you that there are links to certain products on this site that will earn BSP a commission for any purchases you make. Our site is created to help all readers grow in Christ and educate themselves on the Bible, but when push comes to shove it is not a nonprofit, which leaves it as a for-profit with expenses.

The site is fairly large and things change sometimes, so it’s going to be impossible to go through and list each and every program with which we have an affiliate agreement. I mean, we could, but something would get outdated or whatever and that’s never good.

So please assume if you’re clicking a product link, we might receive compensation.

That said, there are thousands of products out there about the Bible, Christianity, Christian Education, and so forth. We only promote those that appear to us to have value for you. If I’ve read a book (for example) and it is a 5-star book, I’ll recommend it. If it’s just so-so I don’t mention it. Our recommendation is NOT dependent on the product’s compensation; we’re just telling you what we like.

If you have a recommendation, or conversely if you really dislike something we’ve recommended, please feel free to contact us with that information.

If you see us recommending a product, we have spent our own pocket money on it to purchase it. So far, nobody’s offering us freebies. If that ever does happen, the compensation will never influence the content or posts we make.

We are required to specifically tell you we’re part of the Amazon affiliate partnership program. If we link to a product on Amazon, you should assume it is an affiliate product and we might get paid a small commission (for example, we recently received $0.24 on a $8 product purchase) when you buy something. Hopefully over time, these small fees will help cover our research, writing time, hosting service, and website design.