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Bible Reading Plans

Free Bible study plans. Read the Bible at the pace that’s right for you.

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Why Read The Bible In A Year?

Many of us wonder at times why we should read through the Bible in a year. Some parts are boring. Some parts we simply like better than others. Everyone has parts they prefer over others. And following bible study plans can be intimidating.

But God chose to include books like Lamentations with its dreary news, and Leviticus with all those rules, for a reason. We are told,

“All scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. ” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV

All Scripture. That means we need to cover it all, not just our favorite parts. In t his way we see the passages the Lord meant for us to look at. We may question, why did He include this?

That’s okay. We can pray for guidance.

Reading the Bible is Always in Style

Sometimes people have read the Bible once, 40 years ago, and they decide that’s enough. But the Word of God is living and active. If we stop reading it, we forget who God is. We forget who we are in his eyes. We no longer focus on the path he has created for our lives, and we don’t hear the voice that whispers, “this is the way; walk in it.” Instead we open ourselves up to false teachings that will lead us astray.

Looking at the Big Picture

I’m an oil painter. One thing I had to learn to do early on was stop painting and take a giant step backward to look at my work every so often. Up close, I see the details – the slightly crooked line, the brush strokes, the wetness of the paint. But stepping back I can see it in its entirety. Suddenly instead of a series of green brush strokes and crooked lines, I see a palm tree in front of an ocean, with umbrellas along the sand.

That’s how it is with the Bible. Reading through it quickly (because a year is pretty quick, when you consider that the Bible is 66 books) you see the Creation, the fall, redemption and restoration. You see God’s promises and his mercy and love. It’s a lot to take in.

Understanding God’s Plan

Seeing all of Genesis makes you realize that every single doctrine has its roots in this book. Salvation, marriage, family – all are touched on in the book of Genesis. The Holy Trinity, Satan, Christ… we need to read Genesis often.

Reading Israel’s sin cycle makes us understand why God became angry and tossed them out of the Promised land. (He later let them return) It also helps us understand human nature, why we do some of the things we do.

We have a deeper knowledge of the New Testament when we’re able to grasp the nuances that refer to the Old Testament. Paul connected all fallen beings with Adam. A New Covenant was mentioned as far back as Jeremiah. The book of Hebrews refers to ‘types’ and figures of Christ – which are Old Testament references.

God’s Word is Truth

Besides all the above, when we devote ourselves to continually reading the Bible, we uncover truth. This helps us balance all the distortions and lies we’re exposed to day after day in the workplace and beyond. It keeps us on that right path. It keeps us hearing that voice.

“This is the way. Walk in it.”

Bible Reading Plans

Wont’ you join us in reading your Bible this year? The first plan listed below is a plan for reading 5 days out of every week, so that you have time to catch up on the weekend. It’s not dated, so you can start today or tomorrow – right on time. If you get behind, just keep reading along. Simply right click and download the file to your own computer so you can check the boxes as you finish each reading. You’ll be glad you did.

5 Days a Week Plan

From a phone, click the print icon, which will bring up cloud printing or “save to Google Drive.”


A Chapter A Week Plan

The next plan is a very simple one, and not as great a task. With this Bible reading, you read one chapter each week. I’ve given you five circles to log your reading in each week, allowing you to choose the 5 days you read. In one year you will study Acts and Luke. These books will give you a very good understanding of Jesus’ disciples and their lives.