When it comes to studying the Bible, even Christians that have been following the Lord for many years can find some passages difficult to break down and understand. The language can often feel complex, even though the message behind it is a simple one. 


In some instances, this can cause discouragement. However, there are so many followers within the Christian faith that know their theology, and have a good understanding of the overarching ideas within each book of the bible. 

Hi, my name is Robert Merchfield. I write at Bible Study Plant along with a group of other Christians with a background in Christian education. We are well versed in theology, and our faith is deep-rooted in Jesus. We felt called by the Lord to set up this website to help Christians on their quest to know the Lord better.


We hope this site will draw more people in to see how wonderful the Christian faith is, and provide a basis on knowing the best ways to study the bible. Once you understand some of the basic techniques, it is really accessible. 

Through Bible Study Planet, we will be talking you through the meaning of specific passages. From Psalms to Leviticus, and everything in between. We will be expressing how you can implement changes into your quiet time to improve your relationship with God, and grow closer to him in your faith.

We will also be covering the best products you can purchase to help you with your bible studies, and to ensure you get the most out of your reading.