Prayers for Sunday Mornings (With Examples!)

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Sunday is a day set aside for rest and reflection. For that reason, we use Sunday to pray and reaffirm our connection with God. A Sunday morning prayer is a fantastic opportunity to start the morning right. 

On some Sunday mornings, choosing the right prayer is easy. But at other times, we struggle to find the focus we need, or the perfect words to communicate. 

Prayers for Sunday Mornings

If you’re hoping to find a prayer for a Sunday morning, we have some uplifting examples for you to try. We also have advice on how to craft your own Sunday morning prayers, to better suit your life and needs.

With these prayers, we hope you can find peace and joy on a Sunday morning!

What Is A Sunday Morning Prayer?

A Sunday morning prayer is exactly what you think it is  — a prayer for a Sunday morning! 

Prayers are our way of communicating with God, and so they change regularly depending on our needs and circumstances. That’s why you probably don’t say the same prayer every day!

If you’ve been praying on a Sunday morning with the same words and focus you use for the rest of the week, don’t worry.

A Sunday morning prayer doesn’t need to be different, but Sunday morning has a unique perspective when compared to the rest of the week. For that reason, we can use Sunday prayers in a new way.

Sunday is a holy day, and a day when we should center God in our lives. Starting Sunday with the right morning prayer can get us in the right mindset for church, and help us bring focus to the day.

If you go to church, you can use a Sunday morning prayer to open your heart to receive God’s word. If you don’t go to church, the Sunday morning prayer provides an opportunity to bring God into our lives.

Guiding Your Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayers for Sunday mornings will change depending on the day (and week!) we are having. Remember, this is a conversation, and conversations grow and adapt. As your mindset changes, your prayers will change alongside.

For that reason, we’ve listed five examples of Sunday morning prayers. These guides should hopefully help you discover your own way of praying on a Sunday morning. 

A Prayer Of Thanks

Sunday morning is a time for gratitude, a time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It’s also a moment to give thanks to God for being by our side, and for the gifts we receive from Him every day. 

Sunday mornings are also a fantastic time for reflection, and for looking forward. Spend some time thinking of the good that came to you during the preceding week, and the good that will be coming in the following week. Then, use these feelings of gratitude to start a dialogue of thanks with God.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the blessings that you have provided. This Sunday morning, I open my heart to gratitude, so I can honor the good that you have bestowed on my life.

I give thanks for the unending support you provide, and for the goodness that comes from you. Thank you for your strength and kindness, and for helping me to stay faithful to you. Amen.

You can use the Sunday morning prayer to give thanks for a specific goodness in your life, or to reflect on all that God provides us with. Saying a prayer of thanks on a Sunday morning will help you to embrace gratitude for the day.

A Prayer To Guide You Before Church

As much as we’d all like Sunday’s to be a peaceful day to reflect on how we can bring God into our lives, they can be a little more hectic than serene. Especially if you have young children who need help getting ready. 

If you find your Sunday mornings tend to be clouded by stresses and worries, you may not be going into church with the right mindset. While church is a wonderful way to bring us focus, starting with a distracted attitude can prevent us from fully finding our connection with God.

A Sunday morning prayer can be a way to shift our attention, and to center ourselves before heading to church.

Dear Lord,

This Sunday morning, as every morning, is about honoring you. Please help me find focus, and free my mind from distraction, so I can give thanks for all you provide.

Help me to put my worries and distractions away, allowing me to devote my mind to worship. Guide my heart, soul, body, and mind toward you both this morning, and as I move forward. Amen. 

Next time you go to church, spend a moment reflecting on your state of mind. If you find your thoughts are crowded with worries, leaving no space for God, then you may find a Sunday morning prayer can adjust your mindset.

A Prayer For Empathy

Empathy is a guiding principle of the Bible, but it can be a surprisingly tricky emotion to put into practice. Although we may not be proud of it, we all have moments where we struggle to feel sympathy for those around us.

During the week, moments of empathy can feel stretched thin. Especially if you have other stresses in your life. A Sunday morning prayer can be used to provide empathy for those encountered during the week, and help us find patience for the coming week.

Dear Lord,

As you understand the needs of those around us, please help me find empathy within myself. You recognize the weakness of the world, and provide a light for those who need it, and those who are unaware they’re without it.

Help me to do the same, and to lift my heart from stress and impatience. Amen.

All prayers are a conversation, and that means we have to listen as well as talk. When praying for empathy and patience, listening is a hugely important factor.

We have to listen so we can open our hearts to empathy, and understand the patience that Jesus taught us.

A Prayer For Concentration

As the rest of the week keeps us busy, a Sunday morning can be the moment when we let stress into our lives. Free from the distractions of everyday tasks, rather than focusing our mind on God, we allow it to drift.

Alternatively, we may find that our Sunday mornings come with their own distractions. Preparing for church, especially if you have children, can sometimes be a hectic moment. 

In either case, we need a prayer to provide us with focus. To direct our hearts and minds toward God, and to reflect on the incomparable joy He brings. 

Dear Lord,

As I welcome another day filled with your goodness, I find my mind and heart are distracted by thoughts of the world. Help me to focus myself on the joy you bring, and to not allow hectic thoughts to distract from you. Amen.

Prayers for concentration are not about asking God to remove the stresses from our lives. Instead, they’re a way to bring our concentration back to Him, to serve as a guiding light in our busy lives.

We can use these if we feel our concentration slipping on a Sunday morning.

A Prayer For Everyone

As previously mentioned, Sunday mornings are a time when we can reflect on the previous week, as well as planning how we move forward. Part of the reflection involves thinking beyond ourselves, to the world and the people in it.

There are many people in the world who find themselves in difficult situations, and situations where they need the light of Jesus. A prayer for everyone is a prayer to bring these people strength, and to guide them as God has guided you.

A prayer for everyone is also an opportunity to pray for those who don’t have God in their lives. It isn’t a prayer of judgment, but a prayer for hope. 

Dear Lord,

In this lost and troubled world, I pray for those around me. I pray for the people who need your help, and I pray I can be a force of good in the world.

Help me to inspire others to follow in your light, and help me to better follow in your light as well. Help me to share grief, spread hope, and bring comfort with your love. Amen.

With a prayer for everyone, we focus on how we can help others, while not forgetting our duty to God. Before church, a prayer for everyone is a way to remember God’s place at the heart of the world. Pray this way on a Sunday morning, and take these thoughts into the coming week, so we can be better people.

Creating A Personal Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayers for Sunday Mornings1

A prayer is a moment between you and God, and the prayers are personal to you. The examples we’ve listed above are relevant to our own Sunday mornings, and the problems we tend to face. Whether that’s a lack of time, a lack of focus, or simply needing a moment to center God in our lives. 

The ideas we’ve listed above are only that — ideas. While they may bring comfort and joy to us, they might not be right for your life. Instead, think of the unique challenges you face on a Sunday morning. Are they busy? Do you find your thoughts drifting? Or do you simply feel too tired?

Alternatively, if you find your Sunday mornings are a peaceful time, the prayer can be used as a celebration. Give thanks to God for the good things He has provided, in a moment when you have some extra peace and calm.

Before you say your prayer, reflect on your mindset. This can easily guide you to the right prayer. Consider using a prayer journal, or making notes.

You may find you need a different prayer each week, or you may find yourself regularly facing the same struggles. A prayer is a dialogue with God, so consider what it is you want to talk about.

As you can see from our examples, a Sunday morning prayer doesn’t have to be elaborate. Instead, choose a prayer that allows you to speak freely, and listen readily. It doesn’t matter if the words are a little messy, or you can’t remember what you’ve already said. Let your prayers change and adapt, and try writing down ideas as they come to you.

Bible Verses For A Sunday Morning

Sunday is a special day, because it was the day God decided to rest. Even if you don’t observe the Sabbath, you can understand the importance of this moment. This was when God, the creator of everything, took a moment to stop. So, what does that mean for our Sunday?

“Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” Genesis 2:3.

God had no reason for rest, but He did so we could appreciate the wonder of creation. If God took a day for rest, then we must understand the importance of doing the same. Because of this, our Sunday morning prayers should be a peaceful conversation.

Resting isn’t the only reason Sunday is so special.

“Keep my Sabbaths holy, that they may be a sign between us. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.” Ezekiel 20:19-29.

As we rest on a Sunday, we must take the time to affirm the importance of God in our lives. The Sabbath is a holy day, and our rest and reflection should bring us peace, and remind us of the goodness of God.

“But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.” Psalm 59:16.

Our morning prayers are a joyful way to celebrate God in our lives. By starting the morning with a prayer, we start our morning joyfully. We center God in our hearts, to give us strength throughout the day. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26.

With our morning prayer, we can feel the light of God, and the peace that He brings,

How Do Sunday Morning Prayers Compare To Prayers On Other Days?

Praying in the morning is a wonderful opportunity to find time to center God in our lives. Mornings can be hectic, and just a few moments spent in prayer offers the opportunity to find reflection and focus for the day ahead.

Spending Sunday morning in church allows us to devote time completely to God, and to bring ourselves closer to Him.

A prayer beforehand is a chance to create our own private and personal connection, on a day that tends to be a little less hectic.

Although finding time for prayer on a Sunday often feels easy, it can be a challenge during the rest of the week. Overwhelming mornings leave you without the precious quiet moments needed for prayer. 

However, by not finding time to pray, we lose the opportunity to focus for the day, and reaffirm our promises to God. 

A Sunday morning prayer can be one of reflection, or focus, or a calm way to give thanks. During the rest of the week, the morning prayer is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves for the day. 

We like to pray first thing in the morning. At this time, we can focus our thoughts for the day, and think about how we will carry God with us through the week.

With your morning prayer, we can give thanks for the day to come, and receive our challenges with God by our side. 

Prayers For A Sunday Night

When we’re tucked up in bed on a Sunday night, that can be a time for distractions to sneak in. For many of us, the next morning represents the start of our working week, or when we have to get children to school (or both!).

Instead of peacefully praying during Sunday night, we get caught up in stress and worry.

All this might make you think that Sunday night is not a good time to pray. Actually, we should think of it as the opposite. Prayer gives us a chance to calm and focus the mind, and to direct our concentration away from busy days, and towards God.

When it comes to Sunday night, our prayers are less likely to be focused and eloquent. This isn’t a problem, because we should be thinking about what we want to say, rather than the exact way we say it.

Use Sunday night prayers as a way to meditate on God, and to give thanks. Consider all the goodness in your life, and thank God for what He has provided. 

Even if you’re too tired for specific prayers, Sunday night is a wonderful time to show gratitude. A prayer like this can refresh our mind for the week, and open our hearts for kindness and empathy.

On a similar note, consider praying for other people. Consider all the people in our lives that we’re grateful for, and ask God to be with them. 

Praying at night can be a difficult habit to start, but once you have the habit, you can feel a real difference in your life.

Final Thoughts

What do you like to pray about on a Sunday morning? Prayer is our way of speaking with God, and everyone should find a prayer that works for them. 

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