Understanding Homelessness in the United States: A Compassionate Perspective

In the land of opportunity and abundance, the issue of homelessness remains a stark reality for many individuals and families across the United States. It’s a complex societal challenge that deserves our attention, understanding, and, most importantly, empathy.   Yesterday I spent the afternoon handing out food, water, and supplies to the homeless. Temperatures were […]

12 Sure Ways to Hear God’s Voice Regularly

Introduction Do you long to hear God’s voice? Do you listen to someone saying “God told me…” and wish that he would tell you something too? Today we are looking to find out how we can hear God’s voice. The idea of hearing God’s voice keeps many of us searching for answers. It may seem […]

The Intriguing Symbolism of Twelve Stones in the Bible

  Twelve Stones—A Reminder to Future Generations We all know there are certain numbers with Biblical significance. It seems that God places more emphasis on some numbers than other. One of those is the number 12, as in the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve stones. In the Bible, there are several stories concerning […]

Angels Unaware: 18 Mysterious Pictures of Angels Among Us

What do you think of when you think of an angel? There are certain things that spring to mind. The most commonly associated aspect of angelic status is one of goodness. Angels denote good, just as demons denote evil. Interestingly, the notion of angels as pure good, and demons as pure evil, is not evident […]

What Is Peace In The Bible?

Peace between you and your family. Between the people in your community. Peace between nations, between whole peoples. Peace from a hard day’s work, from a difficult time of strife for you, or those around you. It is something that we all strive for in our everyday lives. We all hope to find that sense […]

How Does Prayer Change Things?

Our site is reader supported. If you click on certain links, and you purchase something, we may receive a small commission. This helps us maintain a quality site — so thank you! Learn more on our Affiliate Disclosure page. Prayer is one of the most vital and important things that you can do as a […]

Three Things Remain: What is Hope?

In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we are told that three things are better than any spiritual gift: these are faith, hope and love. This is part of the speech where Paul addresses the Corinthian people after they receive a number of spiritual gifts including wisdom, prophecy, healing, and the knowledge of different tongues. Between them, they […]

What Does It Mean To Take Up Your Cross?

There are only a few symbols better known than the cross. We see it everywhere across the world: on walls and churches, tattoos and jewelry, as well as body art on foreheads on Ash Wednesday.  The cross symbolizes salvation for Christians. Jesus understood that the cross was in His future, and he also told His […]

Jesus Said Follow Me

Jesus was not afraid, he was honest and direct. Always, he was kind and loving — but he didn’t suffer fools lightly.