Do you sometimes long to hear from God?


Do you feel like everyone around you can hear him, but you can’t?

Are you a long-time Christian wishing for spiritual renewal?


Have I got the study for you!

Hearing God: 7 Ways to Listen Better, Hear More, and Get Stronger in the Faith was written just for you. You can purchase it anywhere books are sold (here’s the Amazon link),

cover of Hearing God book

It’s a short but powerful book, packed with ideas for strengthening your spiritual journey. Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • How to find or create a fantastic place to regularly meet with God
  • How to make prayer a central part of every day
  • Practices to deepen your spirituality — prayer walking, meditating on the Word, Scripture learning, and many more!
  • Enhancing your own holiness and humility

If your spiritual life has become stale, this short read should help you get right back on track! Buy it today!