Welcome to the Friday Collective! Each Friday we get a prompt, which we use to get into our Bibles and study – and do a little Bible Journaling, if you’re into that. On Sunday night and Monday we share them with each other. *The video is at the bottom of this page*. Scroll down.

More: Yes, you can google. The point is to find as much biblically-based material as you need to answer the question. Example: what bible verse helps with anxiety? I google “bible verse to help with anxiety” and click one of the links, scrolling until I find the answer I like. I highlight that one in my Bible, read over it a few times, and think about how it can help with anxiety. I may make notes in my Bible. If I’m a Bible journaler, I may draw a related picture beside it. I might just doodle in the margin while I contemplate how the Bible helps with anxiety. On Sunday evening, I share my thoughts and my work on Facebook (or this page).

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Each Friday by noon Eastern time, the prompt will be up in 3 places:

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