Robert Merchfield

Hi, my name is Robert Merchfield. I write at Bible Study Plant along with a group of other Christians with a background in Christian education. We are well versed in theology, and our faith is deep-rooted in Jesus. We felt called by the Lord to set up this website to help Christians on their quest to know the Lord better.

Three Things Remain: What is Hope?

What is Hope

In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we are told that three things are better than any spiritual gift: these are faith, hope and love. This is part of the speech where Paul addresses the Corinthian people after they receive a number of spiritual gifts including wisdom, prophecy, healing, and the knowledge of different tongues. Between them, they …

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How to Love One Another


According to the good book, in John 13:34 Jesus commanded his followers to love one another.  This commandment is repeated throughout the New Testament as a reminder of the importance of loving your fellowman.  Showing love is at the center of Christian belief, but how can you really practice loving  others  in your everyday life?  …

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The Beatitudes Explained

The Beatitudes Explained

The word ‘beatitudes’ comes from the Latin word ‘beatus’ which translates to ‘blessed,’ and that’s the focus of this important part of the bible.  The beatitudes are blessings to live by, eight direct teachings that help to shape our character, our morality, our understanding of God, and the world around us. These blessings are one …

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How to Trust God’s Timing?

How to Trust God’s Timing

Life is complex and often doesn’t run as smoothly as we might hope. We trust in God to guide us, learn His ways through study and prayer, and grow our relationship with Him that is full of nurturing and care. That’s what makes it hard to take when things go wrong; when our friends and …

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What Are The Promises Of God?

What Are The Promises Of God

The modern world is a strange place. It often feels like you’re getting pulled in so many directions, that it can feel almost impossible to center yourself. Amongst a sea of different expectations, of beliefs and voices that we are all expected and try to listen to, as well as the busy nature of many …

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19 Christian Friendship Quotes [And How To Make Your Friendships Last?]

19 Christian Friendship Quotes

Friendship is undoubtedly one of life’s most valuable treasures. Friends are trustworthy acquaintances who know and respect us for who we are, regardless of what we’ve been through. Friendship may sometimes be difficult and complicated, as it takes a lot of effort to maintain positive and successful connections with friends, yet our friends are the …

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