What Does It Mean To Take Up Your Cross?

There are only a few symbols better known than the cross. We see it everywhere across the world: on walls and churches, tattoos and jewelry, as well as body art on foreheads on Ash Wednesday.  The cross symbolizes salvation for Christians. Jesus understood that the cross was in His future, and he also told His […]

Jesus Said Follow Me

Jesus was not afraid, he was honest and direct. Always, he was kind and loving — but he didn’t suffer fools lightly.

27 Comforting Psalms to Overcome Grief and Pain

There is nothing wrong with looking for comfort when we are hurting. In fact, this is the perfect time to turn to God, who we should know is always ready to open His arms to us and lend a listening ear to hear our problems. It can be tempting to blame God for our pain, […]

The God Who Sees Me

‘The God Who Sees Me’ is an important concept in Christianity. It comes from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, where Ishmael’s mother Hagar refers to God as El Roi – this is a Hebrew phrase with the same meaning. It has been adopted as one of the many epithets for God, along […]

Choose Faith Over Fear: 9 Choices You Can Make Instead of Panicking

According to the Oxford Languages definition faith is defined as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” and “strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof”. What Does It Mean To Have Faith? You can have faith in anyone or anything, but faith is often associated with […]

14 Christian Songs To Encourage You During Hard Times

Music is a profoundly powerful thing. It has the ability to heal and ease pain and help us get through the most challenging of times. Music is real food for the soul, and it is the most wonderful gift from God. Sometimes we need a little encouragement in our lives, and music can give us […]

8 Powerful Scriptures on Disappointment

We’ve all experienced disappointment at some point in our lives. Any time we hope for something to happen a certain way, and it doesn’t, we are often overcome with that dismay that seems to come so easily to us. This may sound somewhat trivial when it is put like this, but the bitter taste of […]

Am I Being Tested?

Understanding the concept of the world can be difficult. You may have been raised in a Christian household, or perhaps you are interested in the religion and are wanting to explore your faith in God. Whichever it is, there is one thing that we all want to know of, and it starts with this simple […]

31 Powerful Bible Verses For Healing And Strength

In times of darkness, words and teachings from the Bible can offer us some light. Whether you are a practicing Christian, or are new to the religion, having some words that reaffirm your strengths and bring you hope can be life changing.  The Bible is full of stories about Jesus Christ showing strength and determination; […]

Three Things Remain: What is Hope?

In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we are told that three things are better than any spiritual gift: these are faith, hope and love. This is part of the speech where Paul addresses the Corinthian people after they receive a number of spiritual gifts including wisdom, prophecy, healing, and the knowledge of different tongues. Between them, they […]