10 Examples of Trusting God in Difficult Times to Inspire You

There are times when life can be through challenging and difficult situations your way, whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or have recently lost a job, and it may seem unlikely that you will ever get through it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as many people have […]

19 Christian Friendship Quotes [And How To Make Your Friendships Last?]

Friendship is undoubtedly one of life’s most valuable treasures. Friends are trustworthy acquaintances who know and respect us for who we are, regardless of what we’ve been through. Friendship may sometimes be difficult and complicated, as it takes a lot of effort to maintain positive and successful connections with friends, yet our friends are the […]

How to Be a Blessing to Others

How do you become a blessing? Is it possible to be a blessing to others? And is it what God wants of us? If you have arrived here, it is already a good sign that you are open to God and the teachings of Christ. You have considered, maybe even decided, that you want to […]

The Story Of Lazarus: What Can We Learn?

Reading the bible, especially as a newcomer or skeptic, can be daunting. There often feels like there is a pressure to understand a verse or parable and we can feel downtrodden when we can’t understand part of the bible – but this shouldn’t be the case. Oftentimes, being able to discuss the bible and attempt […]

37 Amazing Bible Verses About Strength in Hard Times

We all face moments of weakness and fear in life—more often than most of us are willing to admit. Thankfully, we can always turn to God when we need strength, courage, and reassurance. The bible is a powerful source of strength that we can draw from at any given moment. By simply remembering God’s word, […]

5 Ways God Speaks To Us When God Seems Silent

If you are on a spiritual path, it is not easy. There is no tangible proof that you are succeeding, no objects to physically hold on to. Temptations may try to lure you off your path. Worldly distractions are everywhere and worldly life can be so wearing that you stumble. There are times when you […]

What Does The Bible Say About The Characteristics Of God?

Understanding God can be difficult, even for us Christians.  In fact, it is almost impossible – God will always be beyond our understanding, but that does not mean we should avoid the subject altogether. It is important to try and understand God so we can in turn understand what He expects from us.  Understanding God […]

11 Powerful Characteristics of A Prayer Warrior

Even the most devout Christians will naturally face spiritual struggles every now and then. They will inevitably face evil in their day-to-day lives. In these situations, it may benefit you to be a prayer warrior. What is a prayer warrior? What are the characteristics of a prayer warrior? How do they help people? Find all […]

12 Incredible Bible Verses About Blessings

God, in His infinite love for us, grants us countless blessings.  If you’re going through a tough time or just want to be reminded of everything you have to be thankful for, it can be a great idea to read the Bible to remind yourself of all the blessings that we receive as a result […]

The Story of Nicodemus: Skepticism and Redemption

As modern Christianity spreads across America, many have become more and more familiar with the Bible and its characters. There are many stories and parables in the Bible, sometimes for the non-Christian it can be hard to know when these stories are literal or symbolic. This is exactly what happens to Nicodemus, his conversation with […]