Easter @ Bible Study Planet

Psalm Sunday is April, 13th 2014
Good Friday is April 18th, 2014
Easter Sunday is April 20, 2014

Easter Bible Studies

- Passion Week Events
- God Has Been Murdered, The Earth Trembles
- When The Sun Fled Away
- Through The Eyes Of God
- Justice Satisfied
- His Agony and Our Access
- It Is Finished
- The Collision of God and Sin
- His Resurrection Destiny
- The Veil Has Been Torn
- How To Teach Children About Jesus
- What Did Jesus Do After The Resurrection?

Kids Easter Bible Studies

- How To Teach Children About Jesus
- The Last Supper
- The Garden of Gethsemane
- Judas Betrays Jesus
- Peter’s Denial
- The Sanhedrin, Herod & Pilate
- Jesus is Crucified
- Peter and John Visit Jesus’ Tomb
- Jesus is Risen!
- The Life of Jesus for Kids Video (offsite link)
- Spanish kids studies

The Life of Jesus

- The Life of Jesus Audio (offsite link)
- The Life of Jesus Video (offsite link)


- What Is A Christian?
- A Look At The Gospel (And How It Works)
- 4 Things Christianity Teaches
- Justification
- How Do We Know We’re Saved?

Easter Links

- The Life of Jesus Audio (offsite link)
- The Life of Jesus Video (offsite link)
- The Impossible Faith
- The 12 Voices of Easter
- Evidence for the Resurrection
- Khouse Easter Studies

For Those Who Are Lonely This Holiday Season

- Rest in Jesus
- Joy In All Circumstances
- Peace and Hope in Suffering
- We Are God’s Jewels
- If You Think God Cannot Love You
- The God of the Broken-Hearted
- The God Who Loves You

Happy Easter from Bible Study Planet!