The Daily Bible Study


Honor God

"Them that honor Me I will honor"   (1 Samuel 2:30).

Do I make the honor of God the great object of my life and the rule of my
conduct? If so, He will honor me. I may for a while receive no honor from man,
but God will Himself put honor upon me in the most effectual manner. In the end
it will be found the surest way to honor to be willing to be put to shame for
conscience’ sake.

Eli had not honored the LORD by ruling his household well, and his sons had not
honored the LORD by behavior worthy of their sacred office, and therefore the
LORD did not honor them but took the high priesthood out of their family and
made young Samuel to be ruler in the land instead of any of their tine. If I
would have my family ennobled, I must honor the LORD in all things. God may
allow the wicked to win worldly honors; but the dignity which He Himself gives,
even glory, honor, and immortality, He reserves for those who by holy obedience
take care to honor Him.

What can I do this day to honor the LORD? I will promote His glory by my spoken
testimony and by my practical obedience, I will also honor Him with my substance
and by offering to Him some special service. Let me sit down and think how I can
honor Him, since He will honor me.