July’s Most Popular Bible Studies

Thank you to everyone who visited Bible Study Planet in July 2010. God bless you all!

The 10 Most Popular Bible Studies For July:

1) Are You Making These 3 Mistakes In Your Christian Walk?
Here are 3 mistakes Christian’s make and what to do when we make them.

2) Emergency Bible Numbers
This list of verses you can turn to in any situation has been in our top 10 six straight months.

3) The ABC’s of Christianity
Admit, Believe, Consider, Do…the ABCD’s of Christianity!

4) 5 Names of Christ (And What They Mean)
A brief look at five of the most important names of Christ.

5) 4 Signs You’re Living For Christ
Christians are people whose lives are suppose to be God-centered instead of self-centered.

6) How You Can Have Peace In Your Life
These three things lead to having Christ’s peace in your life.

7) Eight Ways God Sees Us
One of all-time most popular studies. Our standing in Christ changes how God views us.

8) A Look At The Gospel (And How It Works)
How does the gospel saves us from our sins?

9) Would You Drink From A Dirty Glass?
God, through Jesus Christ, takes sinners and makes them a new creation, forgiven, able to stand blameless, able to be called children of God.

10) How Do We Know We’re Saved?
A look at people in the Bible who thought they were saved and why they were wrong.

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