June’s Most Popular Bible Studies

Thank you to everyone who visited Bible Study Planet in June 2010. God bless you all!

10 Most Popular Bible Studies This Month

1) Emergency Bible Numbers – A great list of passages you can turn to in any situation.

2) The 5 Finger Prayer – The “Five Finger Prayer” is a simple, yet effective, way to pray.

3) 4 Ways We Draw Close To God – Four simple ways to draw closer to God.

4) Run Over by Shadows – Would you rather be run over by a truck or its shadow?

5) 4 Things The Gospel Frees Us From – The gospel is the most powerful message of human liberation that has ever been proclaimed on earth!

6) Christianity 101: Heirs of God – What does it mean to be an heir of God, how do we qualify, and what is it we inherit?

7) Bible Verses For Peace And Comfort – Encourage your hearts with these verses about having peace and comfort in a troubled world.

8) Eight Ways God Sees Us – From 1 Corinthians 1, we list eight ways God sees us in Christ.

9) What Does The Holy Spirit Do? – Four things the Holy Spirit does and how the Spirit worked in the Old and New Testaments and today.

10) Who Is The Holy Spirit? – It’s critical for Christians to understand who the Holy Spirit is and are able to see from Scripture why we believe what we do about Him.

10 Most Popular Features

1) Children’s Bible Studies

2) The Daily Bible Study Of Psalms

3) Keys For Kids Daily Study

4) Walk Through The Bible

5) Verse Of The Day

6) Bible Study Notes And Outlines

7) The Daily Devotional

8) Read Through The Bible

9) The Kids Cookie Break

10) Bible Study Planet On Facebook And Twitter


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