October’s Top 10 Most Popular Studies

Thank you to everyone who visited Bible Study Planet in October 2009. God bless you all!

Most Popular Bible Studies
1) Three Keys For Christian Living
2) Where To Put Your Troubles
3) 100 Things You Need To Know About Jesus
4) The Pharisee And The Tax Collector
5) Angels And Demons
6) We Are God’s Jewels
7) 3 Things The Good Shepherd Does
8) Materialism Doesn’t Satisfy
9) Be Gentle
10) An Overview Of The Bible

Most Popular Features
1) Children’s Bible Studies
2) Teen Bible Study
3) Daily Bible Study of Psalms
4) Keys For Kids
5) The Daily Devotional
6) Bible Study Notes and Outlines
7) Today’s Bible Story
8) Receive Studies By Email
9) Bible Study Planet On Facebook and Twitter
10) Words of Hope

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