The Lord Restores My Soul

“He restores my soul…” -Psalm 23:3

The shepherd restore his sheep in several ways. If one wanders away, he goes out after it, and seeks it until he finds it, restoring it to the shelter of the fold. If one grows sick or weary, the shepherd does not leave it to die, but takes it up in his arms, and carries it home, restoring it to the fold. If a sheep is hurt the shepherd tends its wounds until they are healed.

This is a picture of how our Good Shepherd restores our souls. Sometimes we wander away. It is very easy to drift away from Christ. The drifting is often unconscious, we don’t realize that we’re losing our first love, and little by little, we move further away from Him.

Perhaps it’s a favorite sin which consumes us. Or maybe it’s a worldly companionship which draws us away, loosening the bonds which bound us to Christ. Sometimes it’s business which leaves no room for God. Or maybe it’s the cares of this world which choke quench the Spirit.

Sin is a terrible thing. It wounds the soul and only Christ can restore it. But if we put our hurt life into His hand, He will give healing. What millions of sins has our Good Shepherd cured!

When sorrow has left us heart-broken, it is only the Good Shepherd who can restore it. He’s a most skillful physician. We may put all sorrows wounds into His hand. He’s most gentle, and His hand is infinitely skillful. He’s a wonderful comforter.

– J. R. Miller

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